zaterdag 1 maart 2014

HP Officetjet 6500 E709N, Scan option does not work [Solved by using webscan option]

When you use the the printer scan buttons, the printer's LCD display will show: "select computer" and an arrow pointing to the right, and when you press the right rocker switch to "select the computer", nothing happens.
I tried uninstall and reinstall of thee full software package which is over 300MB and includes a lot of things I did not find useful and the result on the printer's display was the same.

The best thing is , in order to get your scanning working again you don't need additional software.
You only need to enable the webscan option:
(source): Follow the steps below to enable Webscan in the EWS.docx ‏409 KB

Check your IP address of the printer, in my case it was and you add that into your browser and you will be presented a webpage that shows on the left side the option to use Webscan: