vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

language setting for skydrive

MS has stopped Myphone apps for backup of my mobile phone and switches to skydrive. I noticed my language setting was not as desired.
Log into Windows Live and go to:

Here you can change the language

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Show advanced settings for Network cards

Source: http://www.techrena.net/windows/view-change-network-adapter-card-priority-binding-order-windows-7/
Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet (View network status and tasks)> Change adapter settings and now you will now be in “Network Connections” window.
2. Now press Alt button and a hidden menu will appear beneath the location bar.

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Dell Dimension 5150 amber light flashing (solved)

at startup of my Dell it failed showing an amberlight flashing. Due to it's age I replaced the cmos battery but that didn't help. I opened the powersupply and saw some elco's that were brown on top. Funny was that I could get it to run by setting the reset switch on the motherboard and reconnect power. It would than flash amber fast and after a few seconds boot itself up. So I was sure nothing wrong with the pc itself. I found on the internet This pc uses a standard psu so I replaced it with an Antec BP350-EC and everything fitted nicely and my DELL is back in good shape.