maandag 21 oktober 2013

[Solved] Cakewalk UA-1G and windows 8.1 64bit
provides version 1.0.1 which also states win 8.1
I just successfully installed UA-1G with the 1.0.1 driver which worked flawlessly. I left the "Advanced Driver"in the on position and that worked. I also can access UA-1G driver settings without getting the below popup.
Thanks Roland/Cakewalk for the updated Driver!!

++++ Obsolete info below since Roland provided 1.0.1 driver +++++++
I upgraded my audio pc to 8.1 and the first thing I noticed it did not recognize my UA-1G.
I tried with the latest driver to no avail.
Nevertheless I managed to get it recognized in 8.1.
I followed the process of first uninstall and reinstall. During the install process it will ask you to plug in the UA-1G. Make sure you turn off "Advanced Driver" (small switch on the side of the UA-1G) before you plug it in. The installation will now complete without issues.

At least I can play my music again although if I try to access UA-1G Driver Settings it pops up the following:

So not all is well with the current driver. I hope we will soon see an updated version for win 8.1.