maandag 18 april 2011

VirtualBox: add SATA controller to VM (remove IDE)

When you assign the CD-ROM to the SATA port in your guest system the guest hangs during startup and takes 100% CPU time of both cores. When you assign the CD-ROM to IDE it works fine.

To use SATA for both Disk and DVD do the following

If your VM was created with IDE-controller you can change it into SATA:
switch off your VM
In Virtualbox Manager add SATA controller to Your VM (don't attach drives yet)
Boot your VM (new hardware found but will fail, cannot find driver)
Download From Intel: Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IATA89ENU.exe)
Install it and shutdown VM

In your VM Settings Add Sata controller and assign your vdi to this Controller
Remove the IDE Controller (don't add a CDROM/DVD on sata1 yet)
so you only have 1 SATA controller with an attached vdi (to SATA Port 0)
Boot your VM (should go fine)

Now update your SATA driver within your VM (iaStor.sys to 10.1 or higher)
I used the floppy files from Intel® RST Driver Files (for version 10.1) - F6 Install (32-bit):
Unpack the files in your VM and goto Device manager and choose update driver for your SATA controller
After installation it needs a reboot of your VM
I checked to see if it booted fine (it did)

With this updated driver installed I shutdown VM again and in Settings VM I added my CD/DVD on SATA Port 1.
started VM and all is fine (see below, VM with only SATA)

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials (update definitions failed)

If auto update of virus signatures fails for MSE delete your temporary internet files and try again.
Note: you can choose to install MSE by running WindowsUpdate. It will show it as one of the options.

When I could net get the definition update I changed within VirtualBox the Network Settings from NAT to Bridged for the VM and update succeeded